Pro Suspension Straps


These suspension trainer straps are the toughest and most durable suspension system worldwide to withstand 24/7 commercial club or gym use. 


  • Loop anchors are designed for Torque X-Series products and can be attached to a single anchor point or to two points for variable widths
  • Loop Anchors can also be attached independently to a cross-bar, allowing more exercise variety and two people per set of straps for group training  
  • Attachment must be on a system anchored to the floor or wall 

Torque’s X-Create Systems have an anchor point on each upright and we recommend one ProStrap Set for each.

Split anchoring can be done on any Torque X-Rack, X-Siege, X-Lab, or X-Create System by attaching them to the pull-up bars or Monkey Bar Crosses. 

CrankIt Straps

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