Multipurpose QR Codes

Rely on the power of smart technology  to get more visitors to your web site, know the location of your valuable property anonymously in case they ever go missing.

There are many use cases of self print intelligent QR codes. Just  print as many times and attach it to your item, share it with friends, clients or put it on your business card. Display QR code on the front of vending machine to direct users to information page, provide downloadable files on your users.


Never worry about parking tickets or vehicle removal if you are not contactable, just stick QR code on the windscreen, moment someone scans the QR code  you will get the notification by email and through the mobile app.

Can be used for Inventory Control, know the location of rental property and many other use cases .

You can even have a private chat with the sender.

Simply print the code on a suitable sticker paper and use it on any surface.That is it !!

Buy tags designed to last long or buy self print QR codes you can reprint and put on any item whenever required.


It is not a GPS tracker, but if someone scans the QR code, it will send  GPS location to your email with contact details, as well as you can view the scanned location on Google Maps *. This premium service is free! 

No subscription fees.

*Subject to finder’s consent to share the location.

Main features

Immediate email notification when the QR is scanned.

Additional notification sent through mobile app downloadable through Google Play or  Apple App Store.

Have  live chat through private chat function.

Ability to enable/disable notifications.

Check last seen location of the QR code through tracking portal.

One click  default page generation for each QR  and once created customise the page.

06 standard QR templates with the option to customise the design through online portal.

QR Stickers

Track your valuables with this simple solution.

Our self print QR stickers come in various colours and shapes.Produced in high resolution pixel rates for resizing and printing in any format.

Smart Notification

Never loose any property

Rely on cheap and trusted escan QR codes to relocate your items.

Just print it and stick it on the laptop,bike or put it on your bag tag, pet’s neck belt etc.

Recommended to  print on water proof sticker paper suitable for outdoor use to avoid possible damages to sticker.

Print in Colour or Black&White

Business users please contact us to workout options to integrate smart QR with your products.